Save big on dining with EATIGO

With so many dining apps that are already available in the market, it gets hard to choose the best ones that give best offers. Most of the apps have a set discount for each restaurant, or perhaps cashback offers on the total bill when you book your tables through that app. But recently I came across an app that is free and offers discounts up to 50%!

Yes, it does seem hard to believe, but this Thailand based app, EATIGO works in a unique way which maximizes benefits of the diners as well as the restaurants. The app offers different discounts through the day. So, if you book a reservation during an odd hour of the day, you might get discount up to 50% which is a pocket friendly deal.

Eatigo app is absolutely free and is available both on IOS and Android. The app is really user friendly and easy to use. They have also got a web version which can be checkout out here -

Over 500 restaurants can be browsed based on location or cuisine in Mumbai and Pune. You can pick the joint you choose to visit and book a reservation for a particular time of the day. As soon as you do so, you discover the discount available as per your choice of time.

And why do I write all this with this conviction? Because I have used the app first hand and can vouch for it.

On an odd Tuesday night, I got a hankering for pizza. Of course, a Tuesday night is not the best day of the week but guess what, I snagged a cool 50% off for my cheat meal!

Cheesiano Pizza which is right around the block I live, is my go-to for good Margherita Pizza (which is to me the best type of pie ever.) Of course, if I'm going to cheat, I go all out. So, fries and Primevera pasta it is!

I must say, I relished the pizza even more as I knew I would only have to pay half of the price for all those carbs that I will be indulging in.

All I had to do was go to the app, find a great eatery and book a slot for me and my friend. I booked a 10:30 pm slot, which is good because we get back from work pretty late, and since it is around the time the eatery closes, we got a good deal.

Then all we had to do was to go down to the eatery and hog to our heart's content. The discount got applied to the bill automatically!

What better way to make your meal even more satisfying than by saving some cool bucks (maybe to buy extra dessert later. :D )
Try out this cool new app for yourself and find out! Thank us later ;)

Hoppipola Sunday Brunch

We still remember the day we landed in Pune in 2014. I was literally going to live alone for the first time and I wanted to kick it off by going out and grabbing a couple (not a couple for sure) drinks without being worried about reaching home drunk.

A friend was already living in Pune and suggested that we should go to Hoppipola. The first impression of the place was dope. I personally loved the outdoor seating with tall trees growing out through the roof. It was a weekend and the place was really crowded but we did manage to get ourselves a table back then.

Fast forward to 2017. Despite the fact that we have now been to a lot of new places, I still have that special place in my heart for Hoppipola. And thus, a weekend brunch scene at Hoppipola got me piqued.

This time, we were accompanied by a couple of close friends. Amongst a lot of options that we had to choose from, I profoundly remember trying chicken nachos, spicy chicken wings, chicken nuggets and the chicken pizza.

The chicken nachos were decent. Probably a little more topping would have worked really well.

We were a bit disappointed by the chicken nuggets because they felt very dry and tough.

The pizza seemed to be the winner amongst them all and we spiked ours with some beer. The two got along really well (feel free to try it out).

I am personally not big on mock tails and stuck to my beer but I would like to add that we did hear some good feedback about the drinks.

Overall, the place seems to be a chill place to hang out with friends. You could play beer pong and foosball and maybe have an intense beer pong dual :D

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5 must trys at Sarjaa, Aundh

We have known Sarjaa for as long as we've been in Pune, which has been quite a while now. We have used the place as a landmark to book our Ubers or passed by it and noticed it in passing. But we had never gotten around to walking inside for a meal yet.
Couple of weeks back, we got a chance to try the food at Sarjaa and finally realized what we had been missing out on.

So here is your Food Ordering at Sarjaa 1.0 if you have been living under a rock and never been to this place yet.

1. KOTHIMBIR and CHEESE KE CHAPETE: I'm starting this list with a vegetarian appetizer but that just goes to say how good the dish was. This cheese and coriander flavored tikkas were so mad delish, we ended up ordering it again. Do give this a shot and prove us right.

2. JHINGA TAWA was another starter we went gaga over. The crispy, well done prawns were cooked in rich spices that made it just the right company for your mug of beer (which is just as easily available here on taps)

3. MUTTON KEEMA was an example to keema dishes at other places. The quality of the mutton used was exemplary which made the dish taste rich and flavorsome. It went wonderfully well with my NEER DOSA. We sure know where to head when mutton keema cravings strike.

4. BUTTER CHICKEN at Sarjaa's has been it's signature dish for almost 25 years and been favored by patrons since decades. As a first timer in regard to the butter chicken here, we braced ourselves for the tasting as the reputation had preceded the dish for quite sometime. And oh boy, were all the rumors true. The BUTTER CHICKEN was truly to die for. The chicken was well cooked and so tender and the gravy was thick, creamy and delicious. Definitely TKD approved.

5. MALLU MACCHI CURRY and INDRAYANI STICKY RICE was a combo we made that day and what a combo this was. This was like an Indian version of Thai curry and rice, but much more spicier and flavorsome with the indian spices adding to the mix. But it was a comfort meal with the sticky rice no doubt.

The menu is extensive and pans an entire list of cuisines from Indian to Asian. Sarjaa has also undergone a recent revamping of look and branding with new decor as well as menu.

There are new cocktails to be tried (I'd suggest be adventurous with the Sangria. They have quite a selection.) and new dishes to be tried.

But the classic Sarjaa fare remains the same, in name and taste.

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BBQ Brunch - Ignite Bar and Grill

I always wanted to get a grill for myself. Why, you may ask. Because no one has ever heard of someone calling friends over for a microwave. Nor has anyone thrown a pool side microwave party. Replace “microwave” with “grill” in the above sentences and things start to become exponentially cooler.
That being said, I had almost gotten a grill for myself if not for the tormenting and overwhelming thought of “who the hell is actually going to cook the meat, because i can’t”. Fortunately for us, we were invited to Ignite Bar and Grill for its limited period Holiday Season BBQ brunch menu which ends on 1st Jan.

The restaurant is a part of the Hinjewadi property of Courtyard by Marriott and is located right on the Wakad Hinjewadi main road. We have been there before but the place always manages to surprise us. The place has a very relaxing and soothing vibe to it. You could either choose to sit in the cabana or on the tables outside depending on your preference and mood. We chose to sit right under the sun in the open.

Ignite has a great variety of cocktails and wines to try from. We tried the Thicker which was orange bitters with spiced infused whiskey. It had a very citrusy feel to it and was something i enjoyed. We also tried the Spiced Mojito and the Wonder which was made with rosemary and gin infusion along with sugarcane syrup and tonic water. It has an overwhelming taste of rosemary to it.

Spiced Mojito
We started our not so light brunch with a Veg and a Non Veg platter. 
The non veg platter had Lamb Balls, Chicken Wings, Seafood Fish Cake and Butter Garlic Prawns along with Fries and Onion Rings. I loved the chicken wings and the dips that came along really complimented the mildly sweet flavour of the wings. The lamb balls were not as tender as i would have liked them to be but the smoky flavour made up for that. I personally am not a sea food guy but looking at the reaction of my fellow bloggers, I can vouch for the seafood fish cake and the prawns that came in the platter. But the winner for me were the crispy onion rings fried to perfection and were so yummy that i couldn’t hold myself back from devouring them all. We loved the onion rings so much that we ended up ordering a portion of just the onion rings and the dips to satisfy our fried food cravings.

The veg platter had some Veg Galauti Kebabs, Mushroom and Olive skewers, Gunpowder Coated Cottage Cheese Bites and Stir Fried Mushrooms on the side along with the usual Fries and Onion Rings. I tried the cottage cheese and the stir fried mushroom and both of them tasted nice (why not great? Because it was veg). For me, the kebabs felt a bit bland and lacked the punch.

For the mains, we had an option to pick a meat of our choice and the sauces to go along with it that would then be tossed on to the BBQ. We ended up choosing pork sausages for us. 
The place also had a live counter where you could get a customized pasta made. We were spoilt for choices and it got really difficult to choose. We decided to be a bit creative and although the place didn’t offer spaghetti and meatballs as an option, the chef was kind enough to make it for us on request with the lamb balls that were a part of the non veg platter we had earlier. The spaghetti turned out to be amazing and we were so proud of our creation (We know that the chef made it but hey, we do deserve some credit for coming up with the idea, right?).

We were also served Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Peri Peri Chicken, Recheado Fish, and Beef Teriyaki. Despite the fact that I am not a fan of seafood, I was tempted enough by the tenderness of the fish and eventually ended up trying it. Not bad at all (This coming from someone who doesn’t like seafood definitely means something). The Jerk Chicken tasted good but the pork sausages were something that we couldn’t lay our hands off of and polished off the entire plate.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken
Peri Peri Chicken
Beef Teriyaki
Recheado Fish
BBQ'd Pineapple
Pork Sausage
We were completely stuffed by the end of our meal but then came desserts. We are believers of the idea that every human has two stomachs and the one of them is made solely for desserts. And so we couldn’t do injustice to the other by saying no to the ice creams that came in as desserts. We tasted 4 different flavours of ice cream - Dark Chocolate, Spicy Guava, Malai and Red Wine Gelato. I, personally, was blown away by the wine ice cream. It was something completely new for me. A definite recommendation for all you peeps out there. I also loved the chocolate ice cream because it was very thick and tasted like frozen hot chocolate.

Dark Chocolate and Red Wine Gelato
With both my stomachs at peace and a smile on my face, I finally decided that it was a day well spent. Our overall experience was fantastic and we really loved the food. 

Make sure to visit the place and try out the special holiday menu.

P.S: A huge shoutout to Arundhati for extending the invite and being such a great host to everyone

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Phoenix MarketCity Food Trail 1.0 - 212 All Day Cafe and Bar

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, we headed over to Phoenix Market City, Viman Nagar for a completely unique and potentially fun-filled activity. For the past year we have been food blogging, here was a food event that promised good food and also a bit of healthy competition.

Phoenix MarketCity Food Trails 1.0 organized in collaboration with Carpe Diem turned out to be a food tasting with a twist. The Pune food bloggers were invited to the venue and randomly allotted a restaurant and an ingredient.
The bloggers would have to select a dish from the restaurant menu which they think highlights the ingredient in the best way. That sounded exciting!

We reached the designated meeting spot, 212 All Day Cafe and Bar, a tad bit later than everyone else. (Curse of living in the edge of the city. Wakad.) We spotted quite a few of our fellow blogger friends engrossed with their plates of food, trying hard to capture the best picture in the best light.

We ended up with 212 Cafe itself, which was happy news because we love the food there. It is a beautiful cafe with cosy indoor seating as well as a outdoor seating that overlooks the plaza and the fountains. It makes for a great place for a quiet date.

But it wasn't turning out to be too ideal of a situation for us. As much as we had hoped for a 'Chicken' ingredient (Kukkad lovers through and through), we were handed a chit that spelled 'fish'.

Mr. TKD looked down at the piece of paper a bit askance but we knew we had to make the most of the situation. So fish it was. We aren't the biggest fans of fish, but Bengal-based upbringing has made sure I tell my Rohu apart from my Hilsa.

After some serious consultation with the manager and Chef, who were all so friendly, we decided to start off with something a bit.. risque? So we opted for a shellfish dish. In our defense, the WASABI SHRIMP COCKTAIL was jumping off the page. What can I do readers? They had me at Wasabi.

The chef did an excellent job with the presentation. The cocktail came in a martini glass that gave a clear view of all the ingredients. The bright greens of the lettuce, the popping reds of the cherry tomatoes, the wedge of lemon brightness and the quintessential orange of the Nasturtium flower that made the dish look complete.

It made me happy just looking at the dish. And happier still devouring it. The shrimps were beautifully cooked and it had that crunchy and firm texture that I like. The smooth Wasabi sauce was coated on the shrimps and brought in that familiar kick into the dish. That being said, I would have loved if they had served some of the Wasabi sauce on the side as a dip. For us wasabi lovers, just the smear on the shellfish is just not enough.
The iceberg lettuce was fresh and crisp with a light sprinkle of dressing. The parmesan wafer brought an element of crunch that made the texture of this salad so interesting.

In entirety, this dish was full of flavors and textures yet so light and refreshing. We were glad we kicked off our meal this this beauty.

We decided to invest a bit more on our fish ingredient and picked the Grilled Norwegian Salmon. The main idea of the dish was to hero the beautiful fillet of Salmon and keep everything else to the minimal.

So we had the beautifully grilled fillet with a sprinkling of olive oil and dash of salt. The meat was firm yet tender. It fell yielded readily to my fork and fell apart to reveal the pretty pink within. The skin was crispy on either side and was served with a side of roasted baby potatoes and grilled vegetables. The lemony, creamy dressing brought the much needed citrusy relief.

For a person that doesn't prefer seafood, Mr. TKD devoured much of the dish. Every element in the plate just came together in symphony to celebrate the salmon. No spices, vegetables or flavors took away the spotlight from the fish. The tender, melt-in-the-mouth fish with the crunchy, grilled vegetables and the creamy, acidic dressing made this dish a winner.

Needless to say, we were very sated at the end of the event. Whether we chose the winning dish or not, we don't know. But we sure had lady luck smiling at us for choosing some great food that day. It was a really great event in the light of the fact that they made us go for an ingredient we don't usually end up choosing. (The Macchi Diaries, anyone?)

So, all we can say is 'Phoenix Market City Food Trials 1.0' was O-FISH-ALLY a success! 

Asian Box, Baner: Where Asian food dreams come true

As much as I am a fan of the Asian cuisine, it is just as difficult to find a restaurant that serves authentic and delicious Asian food. Especially when I am sushi hunting. Its everywhere now-a-days. But there's only a handful of places that you will get a smashing platter of sushi.

Of course, Indian Chinese is always around to the rescue but sometimes when you are craving for a steaming plate of Dimsums or a piping hot bowl of Pho,it just won't make the cut. You know what I mean?
And dimsums reminds me, can we talk about the dismal options for Tibetan food in Pune?

But I digress. So recently, the popular Asian restaurant from KP, Asian Box, opened shop in Baner making us folks living in this part of the city extremely happy. We dropped in for a mandatory dinner and boy, the food lived up to the hype.

Incredible, incredible food only left me a bit concerned. Why? Because everything is so good, that you'll have a tough job choosing what you want. (The point might be moot because anything you end up choosing will probably be stellar)

But I have my favorites and I'm sharing it with you in the hopes that it helps you not miss the good ones from the menu. And if I missed out some of yours, drop me a message!

  • CHEESE LUMPIA is a vegetarian starter but I'll beat down any vegetarian in the house for a plateful of this! This finger shaped snack with light, crisp coating and insides oozing stringy, gooey cheese is what food dreams are made up of. Dip it in the home-made schezwan sauce and you wouldn't want anything more. Until you get your hands on....

  • MUTTON KEEMA SAMOSA! Now mutton is not my favorite form of protein as the name of our blog would suggest. But here is a samosa, filled with such delicately spiced minced mutton that I basically stole samosas the whole evening from random plates on the table. Do try!

  • THAI LETTUCE WRAPS perhaps had a mixed reception at the table. But that's probably because of the fervent carnivores at the table who will probably be outraged at the sight of a salad. But I found them light and delicious and fun at the same time!

  • So the dish comprised of lettuce leaves served at the side with a bowl of spicy minced tofu (I know! I know!). You can make your own wraps with the tofu and lettuce and the various dips that are already on the table. For a vegetarian dish, I found it really yum!

  • DIMSUMS: Now, I'm not being specific because the dimsums here are really good. I'm sure no matter whci one you choose, you'll end up liking it. I had the mixed vegetable dimsums and I loved it!

  • EBI TEMPURA URA MAKI ROLL: Even if you haven't really warmed up to the idea of sushi (Read: Mr. TKD) this sushi is sure to make way into your favorites list as well. To begin with there is no raw fish but this incredible crispy tempura prawns rolled into little bites of satisfaction. Plus the wasabi served is A1 and I can tell you how bad Wasabi can ruin a sushi experience. I have had a couple of those lately.
    And cherry on the top, you get to watch the Sushi master at work on the separate sushi bar!

  • If KHOW SUEY is one of your favorite dishes as well, give Asian Box a try! The beautifully prepared noodles is served with a side of rich, creamy and aromatic curry. The curry just does it for me. It's the right level of spiciness with the authentic flavors shining through. Plus there's this cutest box of quintessential condiments.

  • PANDAN PANACOTTA. Arrrgh! This dessert is so good, such a delight, I could hardly stop at one! After we had had our fills with all the delicious food, bursting at seams, ready to hit the bed, we got served with these Pandan flavored desserts.  I kid you not. We actually went for seconds. Or was it thirds?!
    Any which way, the point is. Drop what you are doing and get to Asian Box to really try this to know it yourself. I'm already making a bee-line that way.
This list is obviously not extensive and will expand still, because I know I will be heading there quite a lot given my propensity for the mid-week Asian food craving. So keep checking this space. 

While you are there, steer clear of the BANANA and NUTELLA SUSHI, which as delicious as it sounds, was, for a want of better word, unappetizing. The Crepe cover was thick, dry and mealy while the browning bananas were wilting at the prospects of being eaten. Perhaps the only disappointment in, otherwise a hit menu.

But a huge cheer to Priya and Dheeraj and rest of the Asian Box team for doing such a fantastic job with the place. You do you, guys!
And much love to Svetlana for the invite and being so (so,so 😂) attentive. We love you!

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